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Now the moment you've all (probably) been waiting for: it is time for me to answer the questions you've sent to me. Did your curiousity paid off of all that waiting? Let's find out!

:iconmeltingman234::iconsaysplz: What got you into making Gmod art here on DA?

Well I think it's mostly due boredom, and that I discovered that there do exist Gmod pics and comics in DeviantArt, and since I've grown some interest of making my own that seemed to be the logical place to begin with - and to stick with also. At first I was planning of making some videos on Youtube, but that didn't get any lift on the wings, and now I understand why. So yeah, it all started because I was bored. Never thought I would still be riding this Gmod train for over 4 years now. It's good to be wrong sometimes. :meow:

:iconelwisfrompoland::iconsaysplz: I have few, if you don't mind:

1 - How your story with gmod started?

2 - Dashie is both our favourite pony. I like her, because at times, she's really cute and adorable character. But what's makes her YOUR fav pony?

3 - Do you think about making in the future more Art Trades?

1) I think it all starts back in year 200X (yeah I don't remember the EXACT date), when I saw the first Gmod videos on Youtube. It all started with the Gmod Idiot Box series by DasBoSchitt, and finally the addiction sealed by several videos made by (now passed away) kitty0706. When I finally got myself a copy of Garry's Mod, I didn't do anything much productive. I've done mostly some silly things like NPC wars, ridiculous looking poses, and stufflikethat. But then when the Source world has become more bigger with lots variety, I then decided to give myself a shot with Gmodding, and then the rest is history. That's pretty much my Gmod Origins story in a nutshell. :P

2) I believe it's her cool and tomboyish attitude. And her coat's color is light-blue, and blue is my favorite color. Then of course: rainbow mane and tail. And also she reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog, who is one of my favorite video-game characters. I guess those are the most reasons I can think of.

3) Not currently in a moment. But I'll see if I grow some interest of making some more in the future.

:iconwallyreloaded::iconsaysplz: Well both guys below asked what I was going to ask so it saves me from one question.  I'm making a bunch of questions, but feel free to choose the amount to your liking.

1. When and how did you encounter the worm series? What was your first worm game?

2. What was the first thing you ever saw or heard related to MLP?

3. What was you favorite show, before MLP:FIM?

4. Does '92' in your username indicate your year of birth?

5. Which country in the world would you visit if you could do it for free?

6. If there was one thing in Finland you would want to show to me and your friends if we came to visit, what would it be?

7. Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis?

1. Maybe in early 2000 when I saw and read reviews of some of them. Then my first REAL touch on this wonderful series was playing the demo version of Worms Armageddon, first on PSone then on PC. After that, I was, needless to say, hooked. And yes, Worms Armageddon is the first Worms game I've ever played. C:

2. My first encounter of MLP for a looong time was some parody video of Starcraft 2 titled "Ponycraft", I think. Back then I didn't even knew it was related to MLP until shortly after. Then while playing some regular matches in TF2 I saw some players having pony avatars, and spraying pony decals on the walls, usually Rainbow Dash and I wasn't really familiar with the characters back then.

3. I couldn't really pick any favorite, but before FiM some shows I watched a lot include The Simpsons and South Park, just to name the few.

4. You're in the right track there, my friend. ;)

5. US or Canada would be obvious choice, but I also would like to visit the UK if I ever get a chance.

6. The Santa Claus' REAL home in Korvatunturi would be one thing I'd like to show. If we're not in the Christmas season however, then our country's thousands lakes and forest beds from bird's eye view could be another choice. ;P

7. I like both. But I think I would lean more towards the Super Nintendo, after all it had more interesting classics. :meow:

:iconteh-j0ey::iconsaysplz: What made you join the Herd?

It was likely that when I saw those very first models of main cast of MLP FiM being released in the Source, and then I became really curious about the whole thing. Later I finally decided just by curiousity to check out of what it was all about. I watched the first few episodes, and then here I am.

:iconalmarkaz::iconsaysplz: Whats the trick question about this question ? I am a dummy!



:iconedward256::iconsaysplz: How did you come up with the name TBWinger92?

Also, maybe you've mentioned it somewhere, but the story you've put together regarding Winger, Cornelia, and Silveena, is this based on your real life?

(maybe that's why comics are scarce)

First: Pretty much by random when I was thinking about my new Internet username. At first only for DeviantArt, but then it become my most prefered one on pretty much everywhere. :P

Second: All my stories are completely fictional, and have nothing to do with my personal life or anything like that. (If they were based on true story, I would've mentioned it separately.)

:icontoadjacara::iconsaysplz: How would your ocs react to this?…

Well let's find out what my OC:s think about it, one by one. (For those wondering the link leads to that Shia LaBeouf's Motivational Speech video. Yup, it's that meme thing apparently. Anyway, let's get on with it.)

Winger: Isn't this one of those meme things that are spreading across the Internet? *Raises the eyebrow*

Cornelia: What the hay am I watching?

Silveena: I'll do it! Someday I will soar the skies just like my dad!

Harry Poppers: You're the boss! *Grabs the party cannon and exits the building*

Bobby Baxter: I'll do it! One day I WILL kill my nemesis, and I WILL have my revenge! *Evil laughter*

Winger The Worm: I skipped my lunch break for this?

Harry: I think that guy has some anger issues.

Thumper: Yes! I will make my dreams come true! Then the whole world will be knowing Thumper's name on their lips!

Rubberworm: Rubberworm approves this! *Gives thumbs up*

Well, something like that. :P

WallyReloaded's 2nd time

:iconwallyreloaded::iconsaysplz: Okay, well, I know you received quite a few questions from me already, but since you lack enough questions and nobody else has asked any more, I'll have another spin at it. ;) (Wink)

1. I know you probably have enough OCs, but if you had an opportunity, would you add OC to the cast?  If so, who would it be?  Would it be someone who's a antagonist or protagonist?

2. Is Harry keeping out of trouble?

3. Do you have a particular type of music you like to listen to, or just pretty much anything goes?

4. Favorite MLP Episode?

5. What is your favorite game of all time?

1. I could use another antagonist on my cast, someone that could rival Winger's abilities. Hell I even got only one so far, and he's a real buffoon. XP

2. Which one? =P

Harry Poppers' Bio by TBWinger92 OR Harry's Bio by TBWinger92

3. It all depends by my current mood, but lately though I've listened a lot of video game music. Like from this game for example:

:iconbigmeowplz: Did I already tell you that I love this game?

4. Sonic Rainboom. 'nuff said. :iconrainbowdashfaceplz:

5. Tough one. But in terms of playtime, I'd say that it goes to Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, and some Worms game of course. Can't really pick a favorite. I CAN'T DECIDE!

There you go, I just answered all your questions you sent to me. Kept you guys waiting, huh? Hopefully you now know a little bit more about me after this. So many text writing and button presses I had to do to make this answers journal. I certainly won't be doing this thing again anytime soon, but who knows, maybe sometimes I have enough patiences to do this Q&A thingie again. We'll see about that.

Thank you all once again for sending me the questions I've spend my time to answer. For now I leave this whole Q&A business behind, but when I feel like it, I might do it again some other time.

See you next time everybody, and remember: Stay Fresh! ;P


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